About Design Vidal Collaborative

Design Vidal Brings Drama to Vintage Living Spaces

Since 1999, The Collaborative Apartments has focused on building long term value. We are experts in multi-family real estate on the east side of Los Angeles.

Our long term outlook has helped us identify solid vintage LA housing stock to our investors. We invest capital to thoroughly overhaul all systems while retaining the architectural integrity of the buildings and period appeal of the interiors.

Each apartment is custom designed and outfitted with top of the line fixtures and appliances. We design and manufacture our own tile and custom build cabinets. The result is a style which attracts tenants who are like minded and share an aesthetic, which leads to a cohesive community and low vacancy.

Our disciplined approach defies the whim of market cycles and this win-win strategy has not only contributed to the communities of Echo Park and Silver Lake but also brought superb gains to our capital partners.